SHR-U Accelerometer data

Iain B. Findleton ifindleton at
Thu Dec 17 17:59:26 CET 2009

Many tests appear to indicate that a complete report set read from
/dev/input/event2 or event3 is a relative rarity. Looking at the code
from the lis302dl driver in it appears to me that this
should not be true, and if I recall correctly, proper output was couming
out under OM2009.x at one point.

Anybody with any thoughts on this issue? According to what I read,
/dev/input/eventx interface should reliably handle every event and make
it available.

The other issue is that the first report from the driver following an
open on the device should be complete and contain the axis calibration
values. This appears to be not true in that the first report I get is
often incomplete in that not all axes are supplied.

I am presuming that the lis302dl driver in use on SHR-U is the same one
as in the git repo. If not, where is the source being used by SHR?

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