SHR FSO data only connection

Petr Vanek vanous at
Fri Dec 18 14:02:44 CET 2009

i have a clone sim - two sims with the same number (official, this is
o2 service in eu). the sim registered latest on the network takes all
the calls and messages.

often i use this in the way that fr get's online via gprs and my other
phone receives the calls.

now, with recent shr-u, if i start with one sim in fr i get into
troubles when my second sim get's registered. gprs cannot connect,
calls cannot be made.... with om2008, i could in fact make data (gprs)
connection only and all would be smooth. I could even run gprs on both
phones with no issue. i have a feeling i could do this on shr during
summer, but now it's not possible.

i had 1024 fix done in the fall.

easy sum up:

- can i use fso based distro to make gprs connection only and not to
  register for calls? (as for example umts dongles do?)

- is there a way to re-register on the network? (sometimes i can work
  this around via making a call or scanning for operators...)



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