[shr-u] eve

Al Johnson openmoko at mazikeen.demon.co.uk
Sat Dec 19 16:00:27 CET 2009

On Saturday 19 December 2009, Davide Scaini wrote:
> is that regular?
> opkg install eve
> Installing eve (0.0.1+svnr44424-r4.4) to root...
> Downloading
> http://build.shr-project.org/shr-unstable/ipk//armv4t/eve_0.0.1+svnr44424-r
> 4.4_armv4t.ipk Installing libewebkit0
> (0.1+gitr38213+3a5ee77664c898ed51a2b2d5759822f8c0a06472-r1.4) to root...
> Downloading
> http://build.shr-project.org/shr-unstable/ipk//armv4t/libewebkit0_0.1+gitr3
> 8213+3a5ee77664c898ed51a2b2d5759822f8c0a06472-r1.4_armv4t.ipk Collected
>  errors:
>  * Package libewebkit0 wants to install file
> /usr/share/webkit-1.0/resources/error.html
> 	But that file is already provided by package  * libwebkit-1.0-2
>  * Cannot find package eve.

It looks like a packaging bug. The package descriptions say libwebkit is the 
gkt edition while libwebkit0 is the efl edition. That file is provided by both 
packages, and there may be others. Using --force-overwrite is probably a 

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