reliable wifi gui for SHR

Christian Rüb christian.rueb at
Wed Dec 23 15:42:18 CET 2009

On Wednesday, 23. December 2009 15:05:05 Michal Brzozowski wrote:
> Hi,
> What's the most reliable wifi utility nowadays on SHR? I tried mokonnect,
> but it can't see any networks, although 'iwlist scan' shows them properly.
> Is there any other tool that will let me:
> -select a hotspot
> -type the password
> -connect
> -disconnect and turn off wifi (in such a way that the battery isn't
> drained).
> Thanks!
> Michal


wpa-gui -

I use wpa_supplicant roaming mode and deactivated eth0 for conman. WiFi config is saved in wpa_supplicant.conf and can be edited via wpa-gui from wpa_supplicant project. You can find my bitbake recipe for wpa-gui here [1] and a package here [2]. There are also my changed files in wpa-roaming.tar and and a README in [2]. I have been using this setup for months now with connections to WPA(2) PSK, WEP and unencrypted networks with dhcp and static IP.

You then just need to switch WiFi on and off in SHR settings then udev and wpa_supplicant will do the rest :)



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