Re: Where can I buy miniUSB-m → USB-A-f adapters in Canada?

Brolin Empey brolin at
Thu Dec 24 08:19:20 CET 2009

I finally got the hardware needed to charge my FreeRunner while using it as
a USB host from DealExtreme.  Digi-Key has at least some of the USB parts I
needed too, including the microUSB-m→USB-A-f cables I asked about in another
thread.  I photographed<>my
desk after using Cygwin on my Windows Vista PC to ssh to QtMoko v14 on
FreeRunner via a USB→Ethernet adapter connected to my FreeRunner via a
dual-power USB hub, which is powered by a USB charger (AC→DC over USB) with
3 colours of cool but pointless flashing LEDs.  This is *so* cool!  I set a
root password on QtMoko because I do not want anyone on my LAN (not that
there is even currently anyone else home! :P) to be able to get root access
to my FreeRunner.  I used the on-screen keyboard in qterminal on QtMoko to
configure the USB logical host mode, electrical host mode, and networking
until I could ssh from my PC to QtMoko via Ethernet.  I also (re)learned
more about my digicam (a Canon PowerShot G6) while trying to get a
relatively decent photo of my setup.
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