Encryption, Cameras and Games

Rashid r.kratou at tu-bs.de
Fri Dec 25 09:40:12 CET 2009

Hi guys,

I'm going to need a very safe smart phone for using it for investigative

So I have some questions before I'm going to get a Freerunner:

1. Can you encrypt a LVM with luks like in Ubuntu? 

2. Can you encrypt the whole phone / file-system? If not will it be
possible in futere and is someone working on it?

3. Can you plug in an USB Cam (Like a Webcam) and use it to film
(extremly important) on the crypted LVM? 

4. Mobile internet over GSM is working I think, or?

5. Can you send the videostream / the videofile while you are recording
via SSH (or something similar safe) to a server? The idea is, that when
your phone is destroyed while filming you have at least the video until
this moment.

6. With Hackable:1 Rev5 Chuck you can easily turn down GSM. Your
location can't be found when its turned of, or? Can you force the GSM to
connect to a random, far away GSM tower/connection-station to confuse
the observers about your position?

We have serious problems in Europe with the freedom of the press so it
would be great to use the freerunner with openmoko for helping freedom
of the press.

And because I have to travel much and it takes long times:

Will there be a Battle for Wesnoth, SNES/NES/GB Emulator and a Heroes of
Might and Magic 2/3 port for open moko? 

Thank you for reading all these questions.


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