Re: QtMoko v16

radek polak psonek2 at
Fri Dec 25 16:21:21 CET 2009

Christian Weßel wrote

> I want to install QtMoko, but don't know howto reset the boot sequence,
> because I have an old version of debian installed (the first debian for
> OM). Since this I didn't work anymore with Freerunner due to less time.
> But now I want to return to my Freerunner and want to check QtMoko.
> As I remember well Debian needed a modificated boot menu. Can I use it
> with QtMoko?
> Howto reset the boot menu?
> Howto manage the boot menu?
> Is a HowTo available?

If i understood correctly, you have to power-off freerunner. Now 
press and hold AUX and press POWER. The uboot menu in NOR
will show and you can use dfu-util to flash QtMoko jffs2 and kernel.




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