More Questions about Encrypting, Internet Access and Games

Rashid r.kratou at
Sat Dec 26 10:13:48 CET 2009

Hi thank you for you answers. 

May I ask some more questions:


Is there an easy way to encrypt the whole disk (except /boot)? 
Like in Ubuntu Alternate the install option "install to encrypted LVM"?
Or will you have to do it manualy by many complicated console commands?

I think too the typing of the password is a problem. Can you load the 
touchscreen software with /boot or isnt it possible. Is it possible to 
enter the Password with an USB keyboard? 


Can I use EDGE with the Freerunner? 
What is the maximum upload and download the Freerunner can use?


Can you just compile the games on your open moko or is there more work to 
then just type make && install? Have I to change small parts of the code
like the resolution in a c file? Or have I to do some serious port work?


I read (article from 2008) the Glamo Drivers causing lots of troubles but 
with some hacks you can at least use the glamo for viewing MPEG4 videos. 
Is it activated in the standard video player when you open a movie or have 
you to type mplayer -vx ... everytime? Can the glamo now normaly used (for 
games or videos) isn't it still possible due driver problems?

Thank you for your time :)


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