More Questions about Encrypting, Internet Access and Games

Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Sat Dec 26 13:47:34 CET 2009

Rashid <r.kratou at> writes:
> Is there an easy way to encrypt the whole disk (except /boot)? 
> Like in Ubuntu Alternate the install option "install to encrypted LVM"?
> Or will you have to do it manualy by many complicated console
> commands?

No FR distro comes with something like that. OTOH it's all regular
GNU/Linux systems so you can setup it any way you like.

> I think too the typing of the password is a problem. Can you load the 
> touchscreen software with /boot or isnt it possible. Is it possible to 
> enter the Password with an USB keyboard? 

Both are possible. USB keyboard is an easier solution.

> Can I use EDGE with the Freerunner? 

Nope, hardware limitation of an ancient GSM chip :(

> Can you just compile the games on your open moko or is there more work to 
> then just type make && install? Have I to change small parts of the code
> like the resolution in a c file? Or have I to do some serious port
> work?

Same as with any ARM board. Most of the stuff can be compiled natively
on FR itself (and distcc can help with compile speed
issues). Something machine-specific should be altered of course.

> I read (article from 2008) the Glamo Drivers causing lots of troubles but 
> with some hacks you can at least use the glamo for viewing MPEG4 videos. 
> Is it activated in the standard video player when you open a movie or have 
> you to type mplayer -vx ... everytime? Can the glamo now normaly used (for 
> games or videos) isn't it still possible due driver problems?

Hardware acceleration in a proper way is not implemented (probably
yet, the work to get all the needed pieces like KMS/DRI2/Gallium3D...)
and never was. The hacked version of mplayer worked for some people
for some time, probably you can reproduce that state using some
particular mplayer and X driver versions.

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