problems with qtmoko v1.5 + neronGPS + SD card

Joseba Makazaga joseba.makazaga at
Tue Dec 29 04:23:45 CET 2009

I have downloaded maps to the freerunner and I have recorded my bike path
with NeronGPS. But I have seen that the partition of the SD has been
corrupted: The "df" command says that all I had is "used" but when I try to
go into the directory "/media/card/NeronGPS/" I get input/output error.
I have used FAT and ext3 partitions in the SD card, and both have the same
I tried to use other directory for the maps, but it has become corrupted
fsck says that the filesystem is corrupted (lots of inodes and blocs to fix,
wrong reference numbers...)
Any idea? Is it a problem of NeronGPS? or,  am I the only one with this

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