[SHR] XGlamo 240x320 no longer works

Michael Sheldon mike at mikeasoft.com
Sun Feb 1 02:06:23 CET 2009

Hi all,

  I'm attempting to get a little 3D game development system (based on 
the Irrlicht engine) that I wrote a while back working on the 
Freerunner; it has a reasonably fast software renderer so doesn't need 
to wait for any future OpenGL support. At 480x640 I get 2-3 frames per 
second with a simple test world, I'd like to test at 240x320 as I expect 
this to be somewhat more usable.

  However with both the testing and stable SHR images XGlamo no longer 
seems to be able to switch to 240x320, I just get a corrupt, mostly 
white display until I switch back to 480x640 (both with xrandr at the 
command line and using libxrandr). Have other people encountered this 
issue? Is there a known way to get it working?


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