Questions about the usability of GTA02

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Sun Feb 1 09:33:50 CET 2009

:2009-01-31T23:53:arne anka:

> > The one thing I find absent in every design is a plain old phone keypad.
> > Maybe a slider design to pull it out from underneath or such like.
> probably not what om likes -- but consider buying an unlocked g1  
> (android). with the android sources available virtually every distribution  
> available for the fr should run on it, too.

Does the g1 sport the same everything as Free hardware as possible? If
not that isn't an option for me then. Anyway it's only a wishlist item.
My only experience with touchscreen devices was the palm m101. It was
actually good if I used the stylus. But if I recall om doesn't have a
slot for the stylus(or does it?) which would make it a tad annoying to
worry about.

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