[debian] zhone not working

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Sun Feb 1 17:06:25 CET 2009

> i have a .xsession file:
> #!/bin/sh
> export GTK_MODULES=libgtkstylus.so
> xfce4-session

well, i got
instead of xfce4-session, not sure what's the difference is, though.

> so nodm starts xfce4.

meaning you get the full desktop? menu, taskbar, ...?

> if i start zhone from there or via ssh, zhone starts fullscreen and i

how full is fullscreen? does the zhone window have a title bar with those  
maximize/minimize/close buttons?
is the taskbar and the opp still visible?

> if i exit zhone from menu, the freerunner gets
> shutdown signal. i dont know why :(

what menu? from inside zhone? that's normal -- remember is a one-fits-all  
test application, run even without a window manager as sole application.

> Also my keyboard i can start from openmoko-panel-plugin or aux button has
> become very small and unusable since last updates :(

what do you mean by small? the characters and thus the keys have become  
very tiny? that's depending on the used resolution.

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