Wiki page - which file system in sd card?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Sun Feb 1 18:25:30 CET 2009

arne anka wrote:
>> systems. Since not many people are recommending reiserfs nowadays due to
>> lack of maintenance, regardless of being considered better than ext2/3,
>> ext3 remains as the choice.
> it's not only "lack of maintenance" and reiserfs is not "considered to be  
> better" (by whom?)!
I was just trying to keep it simple:  I could say "general lack of 
support", "lack of commitment from the community". I believe Hans Reiser 
was not keen on supporting reiserfs since he preferred people to use to 
reiser4. As you Suse, moved from reiserfs to ext3. Thus "lack of 
maintenance" does not seem incorrect to me. If you prefer another 
option, fine.

As for the "better", unfortunately I don't have any benchmarks but I can 
look for it when I have more time. I can say for sure by my own 
experience that reiserfs compared to ext3 with a minimal journal and 
same block size, does take significantly more space. Sufficiently so for 
me to move 100GB or so of data from ext3 to reiserfs. I don't remember 
all the details since it was already several years ago.

Oh, and you said Suse moved to ext3, from reiserfs, right? I assume they 
preferred it over ext3 before they had to move to ext3 for other likely 
non-technical reasons.
> the best you could say is, that opinions are divided on the subject.
> ext3 has a long history of kernel support compared to reiserfs -- if  
> reiserfs would be considered better, ext3 would not have gained the  
> attrention it got -- there's no natural choice.
> even suse, a long term supporter and co-developer of reiser switched to  
> ext3 -- and certainly not due to lack of maintenance.
Well, I understand Suse was doing some maintenance but without namesys 
fully committed to it and the head developer not available, I think 
those reasons were more than sufficient to drop it. Not many technical 
reasons needed I think.
> the choice depends entirely on the given circumstances and personal  
> preferences -- the biggest obstacle for reiser would be that the available  
> kernels do not support it imo.
> would be interesting, to ask, why not, btw.
Ah! someone mentioned using reiserfs for sd cards, so I assumed it was 
supported by open moko kernels.
Then I would prefer to change the text and simply mention reiserfs is 
not available.
>> But even if you use ext3 in the SD Card you should be able to have
>> access to it through the USB interface, instead of feeding the acrd
>> directly into the PC SD reader.
> huh? what is that supposed to mean and what does ext3, compared to other  
> fs, have to do with accessing the sd card through usb (as opposed to what?  
> wlan? bluetooth?).
Well, on the list someone pointed out that the universality of FAT was 
not so relevant because if you wanted to access the data from a Windows 
machine it would be better to use USB instead of removing the card and 
inserting it in the Windows PC reader.

> anyway, thanks for the effort to compile a wiki entry! ;-)
No problem, unfortunately the subject does seem to bring some amount of 
subjectivity, maybe even emotion. (it's time consuming and complex to 
get hard facts on comparing file systems).

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