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Am Sonntag, 1. Februar 2009 schrieb Fernando Martins:
> It is also important to note that ext is faster than FAT (benchmark, 
> anyone?) but, most importantly, it supports permissions, which FAT 
> doesn't. Of course, since FR is in general a single user device, the 
> permissions might be not so important. Another advantage of ext2/3 is 
> linking support, which, for instance, if you are storing maps and you 
> have blank tiles files, you can keep a think blank file and have all the 
> others be just a link to this one (you would need a script for that to 
> make it practical)

again (cmp.
IMHO, it should be
"owner/group concept and permissions" (there are even extensions for ACLs) and
"linking" is a part of a build process (typically after compiling), so maybe "support for hard/soft links" is a better expression

And what about
- other "special files" like named pipe files, device files,...
- file name conventions (Which are the file name restrictions in FAT?)

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