Questions about the usability of GTA02

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Mon Feb 2 06:27:01 CET 2009

Gothnet wrote:
> Rask Ingemann Lambertsen wrote:
>> Why? What is it that you expect the Neo Freerunner to do that the other
>> handheld devices out there won't? You will have noticed that pretty much
>> all
>> the unhappy users are those expecting the Neo Freerunner to be just
>> another
>> well polished smartphone. If you buy a Neo Freerunner, do it for the right
>> reasons so you avoid disappointment.
> I take issue with that a bit.

Maybe it's better stated as "The people who expected reliable basic 
functionality as a phone" were disappointed. You can surely obtain it, 
but just don't expect it.

I think the main point was to make sure it meets your extended needs as 
a mobile device, just not as a phone. The phone part seems to be further 
down the track for 'out-of-the-box' functionality.

I don't think we should dance around the learning curve, especially when 
someone says they are relatively new to linux. We can all debate the 
phone capabilities and reliability but in the end, some people are going 
to have as much success using the freerunner as a phone as they have 
their desktop with comparable hardware. I think for now, we should make 
it blatantly obvious that this is first and foremost, at this point in 
time, a portable linux computer and there is firmware yet to be 
developed to take full advantage of the freerunner as a reliable phone 
(TBA). Third party firmware should not be taken into consideration when 
pitching the device as a phone, that should be something the user 
explores once OM can completely support their own device.

Currently there are very few users, we are all QA/devs/coders/hobbyists. 
I do become a user now an then between battery removals :)

Saying anything less is a little deceptive with regards to sales. Saying 
anything more can get a little convoluted to the non-technical or linux 

Don't get me wrong, I love my freerunner ... I really wish I could pimp 
it as a phone rather than just exclaiming "look! it works!" ... when 
quite often I realise I'm wrong ... after hitting answer 50 times and 
yelling at it to shutup :)

There really are some moments I can't help but giggle about ... but 
that's me and I know I have a wierd sense of humour :)


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