Wiki page - which file system in sd card?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Mon Feb 2 09:42:04 CET 2009

W.Kenworthy wrote:
> I have to disagree here - because my own opinion is that ext2/3 are not
> the best for every purpose, and are demonstrably a poor choice for OSM
> maps on an SD card for instance.
> Last I heard reiserfs3 is still being maintained, and it has some real
> advantages for OSM maps (reiserfs doesnt have inode limits like ext2/3
> does), and is much faster (against ext3).  
Well, I've seen often claims as yours (and never recall the opposite) 
and it is also my subjective perception, using regularly a system with 
ext2 and reiserfs in two partitions of the same hard disk. I made my 
choice base on space usage. I'll look for some benchmarks on performance 
later on.

> ...There is a certain amount of YMMV with file system choices depending on
> your usage scenarios, but personally I would really like to use reiserfs
> and dump ext2/3 and all the problems they cause on the FR (lost
> data/corrupted filesystems, slow performance, ...) that I have.
I would not expect to read about ext3 corruptions?? I know it doesn't do 
checksums after saving blocks in the disk, but is reiserfs doing it?


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