YAIKT - Yet Another Illume Keyboard Thread

Michael Zanetti michael_zanetti at gmx.net
Mon Feb 2 11:55:12 CET 2009

Hi all!

I'm using the illume keyboard on my OM2008.12 powered Freerunner. I have 
created my own keyboard layouts that perfectly fit to my needs:
1. qwerty without any special characters - Finger friendly
2. Numbers and most special chars - Finger friendly
3. Full-featured notebook-like with all the crap you never need - Stylus 

When using my FR as on the go, I constantly need the first two layouts. And I 
have to switch quite often beween them but I never use the third one.
When I'm at home and fiddle around with lots of terminals and stuff like that, 
it happens that I need the third layout. But then, I have a stylus.

The problem now is, that when I'm writing a message using my thumb and switch 
between the different layouts I need to slide the keyboard up once to switch 
from the qwerty layout to the numbers but I have to slide up twice to get back 
to the qwerty one. This is because I have to hop over the full-featured layout 
that I cannot use with my fingers.

The idea is this:
It would be great to be able to define if a layout should be addressed when 
sliding the finger up. This way, only the finger-friendly keyboards would be 
visible when using the FR only with your fingers. When using a stylus one could 
still open the terminal-keyboard using the menu on the upper right of the 
This could be done by defining a property in the keyboard file just like for 
example the property for enabling/disabling the dictionary.

IMHO this is not the ultra-mind-blowing idea, but would be a little step 
closer to the worlds best on-screen-keyboard.

What do you think?

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