[SHR] could SHR play streaming mp3?

Giorgio Marciano ledzgio at writeme.com
Mon Feb 2 13:08:36 CET 2009

 I'd like to use the pymedia module with python in order to play mp3
files but i have some doubts:

1. How can i have pymedia module installed on SHR?

2. Can i have pymedia as a standalone module included within my app? (if
yes, how?)

3. Are there other ways to do this in a simplest way?

thanks a lot

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  Date: Fri, 30 Jan 2009 11:08:05 +0000

  On Friday 30 January 2009, Giorgio Marciano wrote:
  > Hi to all,
  > is SHR capable of playing streaming mp3? my idea is to create a
  > for the seeqpod.com service!
  > The problem is that SHR doesn't include mp3 support...am i right?

  It doesn't out of the box, but you can always build the packages
  yourself, or
  find someone in a friendly jurisdiction to do it for you. If you look
  at the
  recent messages about pythm with a gstreamer backend you might find
  some good
  example code too.

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