Wiki page - which file system in sd card?

Fernando Martins fernando at
Mon Feb 2 18:23:34 CET 2009

arne anka wrote:
>> There is a certain amount of YMMV with file system choices depending on
>> your usage scenarios, but personally I would really like to use reiserfs
>> and dump ext2/3 and all the problems they cause on the FR (lost
>> data/corrupted filesystems, slow performance, ...) that I have.
> i, on the other hand, recall lots of reports of corrupted reiser  
> filesystems. so, what does it prove?
> exactly to end this fruitless debate i proposed the phrase "opinions are  
> divided" -- over the years i never found any objective, unbiased analysis  
> favouring one over the other.
> so my understanding is, that they are pretty much equal and the only real  
> point is, what you personally prefer.
It's difficult to compare objectively both fs from the angle of 
reliability/corruption. On this "measure" I would agree that "opinions 
are divided" is a good way to "compare" them. However, regarding other 
aspects, namely, performance and space usage, from an engineering point 
of view I am unhappy with that assessment. It just makes a joke of the 
technology/profession, really. I know that fs behave differently 
dependent on file sizes, folder entries and operation, etc, and each one 
has their own corner cases of optimal/bad behavior. Still, this 
information can be assessed objectively, and therefore "opinions are 
divided" is quite disappointing answer to users.

However, has Helge Hafting pointed out, comparisons should really be 
done on the FR. Therefore, I'll edit the page with "opinions are 
divided" regarding reliability and "no objective comparisons yet for 
other criteria".


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