Questions about the usability of GTA02

roguemoko at roguemoko at
Mon Feb 2 23:59:42 CET 2009

Tschaka wrote:
> and especially thanks to sarton, who was not only telling me to get this
> phone or not, but also gave a somewhat realistic opinion on some doubts and
> things that won't work up to now or for rather unadvanced users. 
> You somehow made me not wanting the FR as my first phone, but as a second
> phone + testing plattform with which i could have fun, as long as this isn't
> my only phone in certain circumstances.

My pleasure. I think this is the best state of mind for a current 
freerunner owner as it will be more likely you will contribute and 
understand the issues rather than feel they are something preventing you 
from getting on with life :) ... I think it's best to fit the FR in 
where it's best suited at this point in time rather than trying to make 
it a replacement for anything. Or even better, make it something unique.

It's good to see someone understand the situation and be optimistic. 
That's what is needed most.

In saying that, I do use mine as my daily phone, usually with great 
success. I'm a lazy, VPNed to the hilt sys admin. If the FR can't manage 
to take a call while I'm at the cafe I'm not fussed ;) ... it can 
actually be an awesome excuse ... hehe


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