microsoft patent with idea's from this list

Peter Nijs peter at
Tue Feb 3 14:47:12 CET 2009

I've just read a (Dutch) news article 
patenteren.html) which describes a new patent microsoft filed. In the article 
is a link to an English description of the patent. 

The patent describes a dock for a smartphone, which connects to external 
devices such as a keyboard, mouse, screen,... wired or wireless. Now I think 
Openmoko already does a lot of these things, and other things have already 
been thought of. We can already hook up wired and wireless devices (such as 
mice and keyboards) to the Freerunner. I'm almost sure someone suggested 
hooking up an external screen to it. That's technically not possible, but it's 
been thought of. Integrating the wired connection between FR and the external 
devices has also been thought of earlier in this list.

I'm not a lawyer, but since the patent was published on the 22th of January, I 
think for some parts of this patent, there is some sort of "prior art" 
involved. Also it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft and Apple are 
eavesdropping on this list. (Note to Microsoft and Apple: Please don't steal 
our idea's. If you do: Please die a slow and painfull death.)

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