microsoft patent with idea's from this list

Mathieu Rochette mathroc at
Tue Feb 3 15:11:40 CET 2009

Peter Nijs wrote:
> I've just read a (Dutch) news article
> (
> patenteren.html) which describes a new patent microsoft filed. In the article
> is a link to an English description of the patent.
> (
> The patent describes a dock for a smartphone, which connects to external
> devices such as a keyboard, mouse, screen,... wired or wireless. Now I think
> Openmoko already does a lot of these things, and other things have already
> been thought of. We can already hook up wired and wireless devices (such as
> mice and keyboards) to the Freerunner. I'm almost sure someone suggested
> hooking up an external screen to it. That's technically not possible, but it's
> been thought of. Integrating the wired connection between FR and the external
> devices has also been thought of earlier in this list.

wikipedia says:
 > > a patent application must include one or more claims defining the > 
 > > invention which must be new, inventive, and useful or industrially 
 > > applicable.

"one or more" means that even if prior art exists, it can still be 
patented. This is different from intellectual property where anteriority 
prevent copyright. (at least in france)

> I'm not a lawyer, but since the patent was published on the 22th of January, I
> think for some parts of this patent, there is some sort of "prior art"
> involved. Also it wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft and Apple are
> eavesdropping on this list. (Note to Microsoft and Apple: Please don't steal
> our idea's. If you do: Please die a slow and painfull death.)
> mvg,
> depeje
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