microsoft patent with idea's from this list

Jon 'maddog' Hall maddog at
Tue Feb 3 15:26:17 CET 2009

>"one or more" means that even if prior art exists, it can still be 
>patented. This is different from intellectual property where
>anteriority prevent copyright. (at least in france)

I think the issue here is in your word "it".

If "it" is the concept of a "docking station", then there is prior art
and that concept can not be patented.

If "it" is the concept of automatic detection and configuration, there
is plenty of prior art for that, and unless they have come up with
something completely novel, then that would be thrown out also.

At a cursory glance, I could not see anything that I considered

The problem with a patent like this one is that the patent itself is so
broad MS would try to apply it to everything if it were granted.  A
daughter card for a motherboard could conceivably fit under this patent.

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