[SHR] illume predictive keyboard is too slow

Laszlo KREKACS laszlo.krekacs.list at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 17:36:26 CET 2009

> 1. norwegian does allow for conversion to roman-only text. there are rules much
> like german.
> 2. this conversion isn't used much and is a "last resort" thing.
> 3. only a few "special" letters are needed for common use cases in addition to
> latin


I just giving you some perspective;)

In Hungary the situation is much like the norvegian.
We have two special accented character (ő,ű) which is not used in any
other language all the other accent are present in the latin-1 char
set (we use the latin-2 charset).

In the early computer era ő was matched to õ and ű was matched to û so
even the early microsoft word didnt care about those "special"
characters (and used latin-1 charset instead).
But it is a history now thanks to utf-8 (but is still a nightmare the
accented filenames, especially when restoring broken harddrives;)

There is no "romanization" here, but young people/computer addicts
tend to type without accents, but you cant "decrypt" it by words, you
need to understand the whole sentence. So simple word correction are
not working.

It is not like in Germany where you can write Tschüß, as Tschuess.

So there was developed a standard (which are not used anymore, as
there are no problem with accents nowaday), where all the accented
characters are written using a char plus a punctuation.
I give you an example:
Öt szép szűz lány őrült írót nyúz
O:t sze'p szu"z la'ny o"ru:lt i'ro't nyu'z.

Maybe you can use this idea. Or ignore utf-8 and use the corresponding
is8859-1,2 etc charset, where  one character is one byte.

A simple word based dictionary is limited anyway for the hungarian
language, where you can create a word as long as this:

Hope it helps something.

Best regards,

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