[SHR] illume predictive keyboard is too slow - Usability features

"Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" mail at 3v1n0.net
Tue Feb 3 20:15:53 CET 2009

Carsten Haitzler (The Rasterman) wrote:
> On Mon, 02 Feb 2009 21:53:26 +0100 "Marco Trevisan (Treviño)" <mail at 3v1n0.net>
> said:
>> However in the past days I sent you privately also a mail about some
>> issues of the keyboard in latest e17 svn [1], but I got no answer.
>> Maybe the mail wasn't sent correctly?!
> got it - i just tend to ignore some of my mailboxes for a while and cycle
> around to them... got a lot of email here :) i'll get back to you on it. it
> just is that kbd isnt a focus at the moment so it tends to take a back-burner
> position.

Ah, ok... It's understandable...

>> They seem unrelated, but why not workarounding them by allowing these
>> actions only after a small timeout (i.e. waiting few ms from the latest
>> char pressure)?
> so > lets say 0.4 sec after the last keyboard key press it will allow for
> swipes and match hits etc. that could be done. again - tuning a timing value.
> will people then complain that ":i often try and swipe or hit a match and it
> doesnt respond. i need to do it again"?. hmmmm.

Maybe 0.4 seconds is too much. I think that we could use a lower value
too. And maybe configurable directly from the keyboard (also if I don't
think that this is needed at all).

>> Generally you never confirm a word or switch keyboard as fast as you
>> type over a char (since typing can be un-precise thanks to the keyboard
>> correction, switching a keyboard or selecting a word must be precise)...
> correct. it's a fine line to walk tho - as above :)
>> And... What about making the horizontal word list (the one over the
>> keys) scrollable [right-left] as the configuration toolbar is? Would it
>> require more computation? I figure that that could improve the usability.
> no - it'd be not much of a problem - i just didnt do it. :)

Ok, so please put it in your/illume TODO :P

> nb - i can see why you often hit a match word. your kbd layout doesnt have
> padding ABOVE the qwerty line like the default does... :)

Yes. That's true. But people could have also keyboards with more keys
than the mine (see Norwegians :P), and make the words-list and the keys
The fact is that also using the default qwerty keyboard, that has more
padding, it could happen to hit a word if you're writing while
walking/driving[ehm... :P]/talking (or simply writing quickly)...
Don't you agree?

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