New Release of GuitarTune v0.20 (based on Alsa)

Ed Kapitein ed at
Tue Feb 3 20:37:33 CET 2009


Sounds like a great app!
any change of getting this to work on 2008.12 ?

Kind regards,

c_c wrote:
> Hi,
> Well, here's the new release of Guitar Tune 
> (download) . Also
> available on and
> .
> It's based on alsa and automatically selects the appropriate alsa state.
> Have tested on FSO Milestone 4 and kernel 2.6.28. and it should work on SHR
> too.
> Source code is available 
> here. 
> The freq detection is slow and needs optimisation. Currently you should get
> to see something in about a second. I know the GUI and the DSP part should
> be in two threads. Need to do that yet.
> Feedback is welcome. 
> I need help to speed up the DSP part of the code. Unfortunately I'm not able
> to get back access to So, the code is now
> browseable here .

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