Michele Renda michele.renda at gmail.com
Tue Feb 3 23:01:06 CET 2009

On 03/02/2009 22:43, Jeffrey Ratcliffe wrote:
> Given that there are some applications (e.g. navit) which are updated
> regularly for opkg, but not for deb, it occurred to me that as the
> file formats are so similar, it shouldn't be so hard to write a script
> to convert from one to the other.
> Before I spent any time on this, has anyone beaten me to it?
Hello, I think you are speaking about a "alien" for opkg :)
I don't know if exist a package for this.
The problem is not to convert a opkg in deb, is pretty standard. The 
problem is to manage all the dependency.
The better solution is according me to maintain a list, in the wiki, 
with a list of software present only as opkg, and one list of software 
present only as deb, and package all this software..

I think Navit must to be one of the first that need to be packaged, 
because, with Tango Gps, are the only software to use in efficent way 
our FR.

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