State of OM/Freerunner

wim.delvaux at wim.delvaux at
Wed Feb 4 02:28:28 CET 2009

Hi all,

I have been 'following' - admittingly - from a distance the dicussions on this 

As till now i have not found a CLEAR (!) overview over the current state of 
the freerunner and its software stack(s).  In fact scanning through 
the 'issues' on the list it looks as if things are not really workable at 
all.  However knowing lists and the things ppl. try with the device, this 
view might be overly negative.

What I would like to see or be pointed to is a web page or YouTube movie or 
what not that shows what WORKS and with WHICH environment (OM, QT, 
Android, ... ).

We are looking for a device that could be used in a professional context. I.e. 
the device would be preconfigured for its purpose and no 'regular' end user 
would need to 'configure' anything.

So could somebody point me to a place I could read that is CURRENT and allows 
me to get a good (non-kernel, non-hardware, ...) overview over how usefull FR 
is could be in the above situation.



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