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Sargun Dhillon xbmodder+openmoko at
Wed Feb 4 03:04:03 CET 2009

OM has done vertical stack integrations for Dash before, and their
device is pretty neat. I assume:
A) You'll want a different piece hardware
B)  You'll write a totally new frontend on top of FSO.

You really shouldn't have any problems....

On Tue, Feb 3, 2009 at 5:28 PM,  <wim.delvaux at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have been 'following' - admittingly - from a distance the dicussions on this
> list.
> As till now i have not found a CLEAR (!) overview over the current state of
> the freerunner and its software stack(s).  In fact scanning through
> the 'issues' on the list it looks as if things are not really workable at
> all.  However knowing lists and the things ppl. try with the device, this
> view might be overly negative.
> What I would like to see or be pointed to is a web page or YouTube movie or
> what not that shows what WORKS and with WHICH environment (OM, QT,
> Android, ... ).
> We are looking for a device that could be used in a professional context. I.e.
> the device would be preconfigured for its purpose and no 'regular' end user
> would need to 'configure' anything.
> So could somebody point me to a place I could read that is CURRENT and allows
> me to get a good (non-kernel, non-hardware, ...) overview over how usefull FR
> is could be in the above situation.
> Thanx
> W
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