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> What I would like to see or be pointed to is a web page or YouTube movie or :)
and also plenty of human users here:

> We are looking for a device that could be used in a professional context. I.e. 
> the device would be preconfigured for its purpose and no 'regular' end user 
> would need to 'configure' anything.


A: If you plan on using your FreeRunner for everyday use, 
then we would recommend Qtopia. While it doesn't utilize all 
the the new hardware features of the phone, it is reliable 
and stable. If you are more inclined toward trying software 
the phone of the future, then use Om 2008 and watch for 
monthly updates.

> So could somebody point me to a place I could read that is CURRENT and allows 
> me to get a good (non-kernel, non-hardware, ...) overview over how usefull FR 
> is could be in the above situation.

Imho, if you were asking for personal opinions, perhaps several 
people would advise you on their impressions with the several options
and their relative maturity. Those are given everyday.

Tables like you seek, like those listed here: 
are regularly updated thanks to -  a magic EDIT button.

happy hacking.

y recuerde, lo hacemos por su seguridad!
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