[All] To build a better music player

Stefan Monnier monnier at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Feb 5 06:26:20 CET 2009

> Before, mplayer took 40%-50% of cpu according to top.
> Now, pythm-bin uses 48%-49% instead.  This when playing stereo .ogg

Still sounds much too high.  Even my home router (266MHz MIPS) decodes
.ogg with less than 30% of CPU.  Usind `mpd', my FR shows significantly
less than 20% CPU decoding .ogg files (tho admittedly, these are 96Kb/s, so
maybe that helps).  I haven't tried again recently (among other things
because the headphone output is so lousy), but there's no reason for it
to be higher than 20%, unless maybe there's some resampling going on, or
some floating-point software-mixer somewhere.


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