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Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Thu Feb 5 18:39:36 CET 2009

El día Thursday, February 05, 2009 a las 06:23:49PM +0100, Francesco de Virgilio escribió:

> Yes now it works, but it doesn't recognize any my TangoGPS's maps; I
> have the "normal" OSM map and the CycleMap. Attached to this mail
> there's my %gconf.xml (found in .gconf/apps/tangogps). I use the latest
> version of TangoGPS.
> Regards ;)

You're suffering the same problem as I last night :-)
the only usefull value in your %gconf.xml for this is:


there is no value at all for OSM and the value for Opencyclemap does not
contain the other values, like base URL and invert;

all this is as well in tangoGPS but also in yaouh a bit crude and not
very robust; tangoGPS works because it has its hardwired values if it
can't find the values in %gconf.xml, have a look into tangoGPS's config
page, you will see the URL and if you save the config it will be even
written to the file %gconf.xml :-)

all not very robust :-(

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