[2008.12] Kustomizer 0.2 released

Risto H. Kurppa risto at kurppa.fi
Fri Feb 6 01:44:48 CET 2009


A new release of Kustomizer is made, see

Kustomizer is a script that converts your clean OM 2008.12
installation on Openmoko Freerunner into a usable
The script is licensed with GPLv2 licence. The applications that it
installs around the Net might have other licenses, check the original
sites for more information.
The first time you run Kustomizer, it installes opkg.org repository,
Illume-theme and terminal keyboard, files for better call audio
quality, xterm. Also a CPU resource bug is fixed (qpe). A restart is
required for this to take effect and Kustomizer will do this for you.
The second run will install the rest: loads of cool applications,
GPRS, link map direcories from µSD card, mokoservices and tap/untap
etc. You don't have to make the second run if you don't want.


# Version 0.2 - 2008-02-06
# (new) two run system:
# 1st run: illume-theme, wrench, qwerty are installed, opkg.org,
storage.conf/qpe-bug fixed. Then restarted
# 2nd run: user needs to start Kustomizer again (and switch
suspend/dim off!!) -> the rest is installed
# Rewriting the instructions
# General cleaning
# (new) ntpclient
# (new) http://www.opkg.org/package_121.html - MokoMaze
# (new) ttf-liberation-mono (vala-terminal uses this)
# (new) battery http://wiki.openmoko.org/wiki/Forcing_fast_charge_mode
# (new) runs /media/card/customscript - the user can add his own stuff there
# (new) automatic prevention of suspend & dimming
# (update) yaouh - version update
# (update) neon - version update
# (remove) Finnish keyboard layout & dictionary
# (remove) custom scripts from card
# (remove) cellhunter - on FSO-based only?
# (remove) Guitartune - on FSO-based only and libfft fails to install
# (remove) fourier - libfft fails to install
# (remove) zomg and appmanager - less used..
# (remove) pingus - doesn't install
# (remove) mumpot - useless for most
# (remove) usbmode - battery replaces most of this
# (fix) watch checkrate changed from 1s to 2s
# (fix) libglade-2.0 -> libglade-2.0-0


| risto h. kurppa
| risto at kurppa dot fi
| http://risto.kurppa.fi

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