Camera and 3G

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Fri Feb 6 06:18:58 CET 2009

On Fri, Feb 6, 2009 at 1:12 AM, Al Johnson
<openmoko at> wrote:
> reason 3G is unlikely in the near future. 3G will have to come at some point
> though, as telcos in some countries are hoping to turn off 2G.

The 2G frequency is a licensed band, telcos lease it from the
authority, which means once the contract is expired, telcos will no
longer be entitled to use the Frequency anymore. Why would a 2G/3G
operator want to dismantle its 2G network? Big money was invested on
building the 2G infrastructure, it is still generating revenue, unless
the OPEX for the 2G network is too high, but as far as I know most 2G
networks are still performing better than the 3G network. 2G also acts
(IRAT) as a backup role for 3G CS service when the 3G capacity is
reached maximum...

The only people who wish to see 2G being turned off are the people
like myself who hate being radiated by so many frequencies, I live in
Taipei, we have three 2G(GSM)/3G(WCDMA) operators, one CDMA operator,
one PHS, one Public Wi-Fi, many unlicensed home wi-fi...


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