yaouh! 0.3 is out

Matthias Apitz guru at unixarea.de
Fri Feb 6 07:16:53 CET 2009

El día Thursday, February 05, 2009 a las 07:02:02PM +0100, Francesco de Virgilio escribió:

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> Be patient with my poor English but... I don't understand all your
> explanation :(
> Is there a way to solve this issue? I don't know much about that file
> (%gconf.xml)... But the cooool features of yaouh! 0.3 are calling me :D
> I've opened the config tab on TangoGPS, pressed "Edit" after selecting
> the standard OSM repo, and I've pressed "OK" to confirm current
> settings. Incredible, I get a segfault:
> on_combobox1_changed():
> *** on_combobox1_changed(): reponame: OSM
> http://tile.openstreetmap.org/%d/%d/%d.png
> Segmentation fault
> and TangoGPS exits immediately. Now, I don't know if there are problems
> in the config file, if this is a known bug, or if it is shares his
> causes with Yaouh 0.3, but... something is not working in the right way.
> Do you think that the segfault of TangoGPS 0.9.5 during the edit of
> repos settings is related with the impossibility of Yaouh 0.3 to catch
> the current maps from TangoGPS?

I really don't know; please file a bug report to the author of both,
tangoGPD and Yaouh;


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