Someone stole my Neo Freerunner... :(

KaZeR kazer at
Fri Feb 6 10:30:50 CET 2009


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> Very interesting. Openstreetmap already has a webserver that 
> looks up locations by URL, such as:
> ers=B000FTF
> Would such an URL work on a MMS-capable phone? This URL is 
> javascript, but a few simple calculations can yield a link 
> directly to a tile png file instead.
> Helge Hafting

The URL won't work as an sms, because it has to be wap, not http, and you
can only query your provider mms server, not just any URL.
But the same principle could be applied as with the script which sends back
the position of your FR upon receiving a given SMS. You'll 'only' have to
browse the url and extract the image part. It would be faster to implement
than a 'real' mms browser i guess..

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