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Paul Fertser fercerpav at
Fri Feb 6 12:55:06 CET 2009

David Reyes Samblas Martinez <david at> writes:
> mmm... too much anger and fury in your mail, please reread it, and ask to your
> self if you feel proud on how you have said it?

No, i'm not. I'm angry and rude, that's the fact and that's bad, i

> I will not say that you write your self on the wiki but if you want to
> be at the edje of status of development you can sure use the git .

And i do. But i care for other users who don't. They count on
"Community Updates" to provide some reasonable information. And
instead i see plenty of people coming to IRC asking "Why, are you
really sure there will be no more updates for OM2008.x?" or "Isn't the
2.6.24 kernel the most stable and functional for GTA02?" and all that
kinds of basic misunderstanding because OM doesn't give them enough

And i'm getting more and more frustrated by OM-the-company. Every
day. Their bugtracker doesn't properly work because of "political
issues", their driver development was stalled for month because
of unknown undisclosed reasons, and every day i see something new and
extremely unpleasant done by OM-the-company. Updates that doesn't
update on development status, can you imagine it?

Overall, i'm mostly happy with the community gathered around OM, but
i'm extremely dissatisfied with OM-the-company, especially that
(mostly TPE) parts that _never_ communicate publicly.

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