Community Updates/February 6, 2009 released

Michele Renda michele.renda at
Fri Feb 6 15:46:07 CET 2009

Hi Paul

Listen to me: Take a good holiday, in a place very far, where you can relax.
You are a bit too much in angry with the world.

There was no reason to react so. Brenda just forgot to mention the work 
team. I think we all know that is not done by Openmoko.

Michele Renda

On 06/02/2009 12:08, Paul Fertser wrote:
> WTF?
> What the hell does it suppose to mean?
> Why did you write nothing about the real progress? About what
> works and what doesn't and how to compile the driver?
> Is driver a community project or does OM pay the developer (and
> you even haven't mentioned his name!)? Who and when is going to
> implement xrandr support? And X server is an important part of every
> distribution, don't forget about it.
> No single word from OM about the X work for months. Are you going to
> continue this tradition?
> There's no single word about kernel work as well. Are you sure nothing
> happened in these days?
> I think if you prepare these "Community updates" you're supposed to
> follow the developement and mention all the really important stuff.
> And to those who will say that i should have edited the draft myself
> on the wiki, i say that i'm not the wiki editor, i'm not the OM
> employee and i don't know many details that are important
> anyway. Moreover, i don't like (and can't do it well anyway) editing
> text. OM has a dedicated editor, i suppose it's reasonable and fair
> enough to expect this work is done by him.

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