Openmoko daily build

Rod Whitby rod at
Sat Feb 7 09:04:36 CET 2009

>And for those in the community that would like to help. There are two kinds of failures happening there. Some are me using the wrong git
>version of qi, u-boot and kernels. I'll have to sort those out. Any of the failures that pertain to userland ie bluez and devmen2 you could
>help fix by submitting patches to the OE devel list.

I don't understand why openmoko don't just start with the FSO builds, and make the official openmoko distribution simply an image with different contents, but built with the same FSO Makefile and same package revisions.
It seem that Openmoko has employed a new distribution manager each time they change the distribution direction (Gtk, Qt, FSO, ...), and each one makes the same mistake (IMHO) of forking everything and trying to do it themselves instead of simply working with an existing community-driven distribution (like Angstrom or FSO) and simply making a new image produced by an existing distribution in the mainline of OpenEmbedded. 
-- Rod

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