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Tobias Kündig tobias.kuendig at gmail.com
Sat Feb 7 18:29:52 CET 2009

Hi Risto

Thanks for the nice words!
> Aapo: seems to work, thanks!
> Tobias: how do you do the mirroring, is there a script that
> automatically downloads the package to opkg.org? Seems to work good,
> at least agps is available in the repo :)
Yes, it is a simple script that fetches all the data out of the API [1], 
then downloads the packages, generates all the needed data and uploads 
it to the server. It's executed every hour, so the repo should stay up 
to date.
> Something to think about: Doesn't GPL actually say that if you share
> the binary (=the packages?), you also have to share the source.. As
> far as I understand this would mean you should be able to provide the
> source code for each package, if requested. I understand that it's a
> pain but I think it should be taken care of somehow.
Oh, that's something I didn't know. I'm not so familiar with GPL. But 
it's good to know. I'll have a look at this, because I don't want to get 
problems in the end. Thanks.
> I'd also like you to post news a bit more often (in the opkg.org
> blog/news) about the status. There's no information about the
> repository, for example. Also some upgrade about the possible future
> re-design or mobile version would be interesting.
I didn't post about the repo, because it's still in developement - 
exactly like the mobile version and some other things. By now it seems 
to be usuable, but I'm sure there are some bugs left. If it's stable 
once, I'll write about it. Another reason I don't post every idea I have 
is that I'm never sure if (or when) I can realize it. You know, I hate 
it to read about a great news, and then nothing happens for month (or 
for ever). I don't want to make the same mistake, so I just wait until 
I'm sure that a new feautre will be published soon.
> Thanks for your cool repo! I was playing with the idea of a dedicated
> installed app for Freerunner: you launch the app, it downloads a list
> of all opkg.org apps with descriptions and so on and installs it by a
> press of a button. In a way zomg and appmanager do this but they don't
> show categories and so on. Just an idea.
It would be great to have such an application. Somewhen I found 
something similar: Someone wrote a python app which is kind of a simple 
frontend for the API, it sounded very promising. But I don't know where 
it was anymore and I'm not sure if it is still being developed...
> Keep on doing the good work!
I'll do, thanks!
> r

[1] http://www.opkg.org/api.php

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