FSO Milestone5 feeds fixed (Was: Milestone V blkid installation prob)

Rod Whitby rod at whitby.id.au
Sun Feb 8 04:37:40 CET 2009

Rod Whitby wrote:
> qhaz wrote:
>> Hi, does anyone else get this error message when udate/upgrade on milestone 5
>> installation?
>> Upgrading busybox on root from 1.13.2-r5 to 1.13.2-r9...
>> Downloading
>> http://downloads.freesmartphone.org/fso-milestone5/feeds//armv4t/busybox_1.13.2-r9_armv4t.ipk
>> Collected errors:
>>  * Package busybox wants to install file /sbin/blkid
>> 	But that file is already provided by package  * e2fsprogs-blkid
> There is a problem with the milestone5 feed.  It is being regenerated
> (will take some time).
> Best not to opkg upgrade in the meantime.

The feeds have now been fixed.  The only package upgrade you should see
now is angstrom-version, until fixes start being back-ported to the
fso/milestone5 branch for other packages.

Unfortunately, if you have opkg upgraded against the broken milestone5
feeds before now, you will probably need to reflash the image to get to
a stable state.

The autobuilder is now building the feeds correctly, and any commits to
the fso/milestone5 branch will appear in the feeds automatically.

There are 7696 unique packages in the feeds for FSO milestone5.

You can always check the progress of the autobuilder at:


The following packages from task-openmoko-feed are currently unbuildable:

free42-vga, gnash, evince, devmem2, font-adobe-utopia-type1,
font-bh-ttf, font-bh-type1, font-bitstream-type1, font-ibm-type1,
font-misc-ethiopic, font-misc-meltho, font-xfree86-type1, ewl,
ruby-native and libgnomeprintui.

-- Rod

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