More pictures of the leather case.

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2009/2/8 Al Johnson <openmoko at>:
> On Sunday 08 February 2009, Matthias Apitz wrote:
>> El día Saturday, February 07, 2009 a las 11:11:41PM +0100, David Reyes
> Samblas Martinez escribió:
>> > I have uploaded more detailed pictures of the leather case here
>> >
>> > I hope you enjoy them.
>> > For more info don't hesitate to contact me
>> Gracias por las fotos detalladas, estaba pensando en comprarlo, pero
>> ahora ya no.

Matthias, eres libre de hacerlo :) y me alegro que si mas no las fotos
te hayan servido para tomar tu decision.
you are free to do whatever you want and I'm happy the new pictures
has helped to take your  decision.

>> Thanks for the detailed pictures, I was thinking in bying, even if I
>> have to say that the price, 10% of the FR more or less, seems very high;
>> but there are two things I can see now and which IMHO are weak points:
>> 1. it is only attached with a clip to the belt, and not with a loop; you
>>    may easy loose your lovely FR;
> If it used a loop you wouldn't be able to use it as a desk stand. I have used
> some very secure belt clips and some very poor ones, but couldn't judge them
> from a photo.
At the early beginning of the design phase, I have the same idea of
using loops, I have had bad experiences too with some cases, they pop
out of the belt on the run, but after test the belt clip we decide to
not include  them, I have carried the neo on one of the first
prototipes of the case for now one month in various
situations(running, sitting, even lay down in the sofa) and the belt
clip  has no intention of leave the belt :)
>> 2. more important, the position of the FR is horizontal and not upright,
>>    not so good for GPS, I think;
> GPS is fine horizontal (more or less) on my handlebars, so I don't think that
> will be a problem
I have done some light test too on gps and I don't find any lose of
signal on putting on horizontal, but returning to the early design
phase we do some try on vertical case but if we put the belt clip to
high on the case has an ugly "bouncing" effect if you run(or walk
quick enough), but if we down the belt clip then the neo was annoying
when sitting, so we finally decide to do it as it is.

Sure there people there more cleaver and with more expertise doing
cases than us, but be sure this is an example were we are "eating our
own food" and we try to do the case as comfortable and practical as we
can by using them. And we have take care our specifications were
clearly followed in any steps on production. This and the fact that we
produce a very modest number of units (we have a modest number of Neo
units out there as target)makes the final price is not as cheap as we
all want maybe.

Regarding Koolu, not yet but I'm open to any distributor to contact me :)
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