[SHR] Why is the Powerbutton sometimes red and sometimes blue while loading

arne anka openmoko at ginguppin.de
Mon Feb 9 12:24:21 CET 2009

> On Saturday 07 February 2009 21:25:05 Steffen Winkler wrote:
>> german is a bad(?) language...english is much better (easier to learn,
>> better gramma and so on)
> Damn, there goes the coffee all over my keyboard again :-D
> Even as a native, english english speaker I can see english isn't the  
> simplest language to learn

well, at least it's easier to learn bad english than bad german :-)

  - I'm trying to teach my 3 yr old to read at the moment
> which is an excellent way of discovering just how inconsistent spelling  
> and pronounciation is in english.

oh, knowing a few languages myself i safely can say, it is not a specific  
english problem -- others have it as well.
and german being spoken and developed in an area where most of europe's  
tribes once went back and forth over the last 2000 years and continue to  
do, is in no way different -- only, here the inconsistent spelling is  
believed to be part of the national identity and needs to be protected by  
law ...

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