flashing Neo Freerunner problems

C R McClenaghan chris at mcclenaghan.com
Mon Feb 9 20:27:00 CET 2009


I had set my Neo aside for a few weeks and on returning to it I'm  
unable to flash a new kernel or root file system.

Of course I was previously able to flash. The most recent changes I  
can recall involve restoring the Nand uboot as I had installed debian  
and wanted to undo the changes to allow that to work. I cannot recall  
the exact steps taken to accomplish that, but I believe it was  
nominally successful and I installed FSO milestone 3. There have been  
some changes to my host envrionment - MAC OS X with VMWare, but I'm  
using the same Ubuntu 8.10 VM as was used to install the FSO ms 3. I  
did create a CentOS 5.2 vm and have the same problem flashing there as  

When I run "dfu-util -l" while at the NOR menu there are no listed usb  
devices. When I boot the NEO into FSO, I am able to connect via USB  

I'm kind of stumped, and admit it might be something simple that I'm  
forgetting, but I have not found anything in the wiki to solve this  
problem or to jog my memory.

I do have a debug board and am prepared to go that route, but I've not  
satisfied myself that it clearly the NEO versus my host environment.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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