separate mailing lists for each GTA device?

Ben Wilson ben at
Mon Feb 9 23:26:06 CET 2009

I'm not a heavy openmoko mailing list user but I do read some of it to 
try and keep up to date.
As an owner of a GTA01 I find it quite tricky to keep up to date on the 
state-of/discussion-on GTA01 because of the massive volume of GTA02 

Feel free to argue either way on this idea but maybe it would be 
beneficial to have a separate list for GTA01 and maybe GTA02/03 as well.
A place where people could talk about issues only related to a single 
device or give updates on the status of things for that device.

I'm probably not alone in my email filters to move list emails into 
folders GTA01, GTA02, GTA03 and GTA04 if they contain that text, which 
isn't a very good solution to the problem.

What are your thoughts on it? or other possible solutions.


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