separate mailing lists for each GTA device?

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Tue Feb 10 00:37:49 CET 2009

Ben Wilson escribió:
> I'm not a heavy openmoko mailing list user but I do read some of it to 
> try and keep up to date.
> As an owner of a GTA01 I find it quite tricky to keep up to date on the 
> state-of/discussion-on GTA01 because of the massive volume of GTA02 
> communications.
> Feel free to argue either way on this idea but maybe it would be 
> beneficial to have a separate list for GTA01 and maybe GTA02/03 as well.
> A place where people could talk about issues only related to a single 
> device or give updates on the status of things for that device.
> I'm probably not alone in my email filters to move list emails into 
> folders GTA01, GTA02, GTA03 and GTA04 if they contain that text, which 
> isn't a very good solution to the problem.
> What are your thoughts on it? or other possible solutions.
> Ben.

GTA01 is not the same thing as GTA02, even if they have the
same case. I think GTA03 is not going to have the same case,
and I think it will certanly need it's own list. Now we know
Openmoko is not working on one, but two new products, which
I think would need their own list too.

Community's mailing list will still be full of all kind of topics and
devices, but separated mailinglists for those who don't want /
have the time to read tons of emails to stay up to date.

What if one of those products OM is working on is a tablet, or a
gps device? I don't think they would fit very well on the same
list with the Frerunner and 1973.



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