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On Sun, Feb 01, 2009 at 11:46:31PM +0100, Rask Ingemann Lambertsen wrote:

[on battery power]
>    The following is with the Debian distribution (with ancient 2.6.24
> kernel), xscreensaver not installed and GSM off:
> Suspended: 20 % battery charge remaining after 3 days.
> If sitting idle (not suspended) with the screen blanked: 20 hours[1]. But
> 7 hours drain 38 % of capacity, which gives about 18.5 hours instaed.

   I've checked out the 2.6.28 kernel from the andy-tracking branch, and it
does better. After 12 hours, there's still 37 % charge left in the battery
with an estimated 7.5 hours left. Where the 2.6.24 kernel would draw 56 mA
from a fully charged battery, the 2.6.28 kernel is down to 49 mA and with 37
% carge left, it is only up to 55 mA at 3.78 V.

>    IIRC, the parts that take power directly from the battery are GSM, the
> audio amplifier and the vibrator motor.

   USB 5 V power supply too, btw.

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