Questions about the usability of GTA02

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2009/1/31 Tschaka <Stuff4tschaka at>

> 2) Calls

My main problem with the FR at the moment is that the volume in the built-in
earpiece, and wired headset as well are way too low. It works in a quiet
indoor environment, but on a busy street I can hardly hear that someone is
talking on the phone at all, and in a room with other people talking in the
background, it is difficult to hear the person at the other end.

Does anyone else have this problem? I'm surprised it isn't discussed more.

This prevents me from using the FR as a daily phone, because I need to be
able to answer calls even when I'm out and about.

My impression is that this is a hardware limitation, and that even with max
volume from the GSM chip to the audio codec (CLVL=255), and maximum Alsa
volumes, the volume won't be high enough from the earpiece.. I think the
only way around this is to use a Bluetooth headset, but I don't think the
Bluetooth headset profile works in the version of the bluetooth stack
(bluez-3) that's on the Freerunner now.

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