Re: [SHR - Latest unstable] Alarm

rhn rhn at
Tue Feb 10 18:41:45 CET 2009

---- Wiadomość Oryginalna ----
Od: Tony Berth <tonyberth at>
>Dear List,
>When the Alarm gets triggered appears a message only but no sound.
>Found some 'answers' in the archives but none of them did
>work! Is something else I'm missing?

I had this, too, but not on the very latest version.
The alarm tries to play the wav file at


I've made this directory and copied my file there.
You might also find a folder named (notice the hyphen):


you could rename it to the version with underscore:

mv /usr/share/elementary-alarm/ /usr/share/elementary_alarm/

or make a symlink:

cd /usr/share; ln -s elementary-alarm elementary_alarm


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